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“What is an industry super fund?”

  1. A fund run only to benefit members
  2. A fund with low fees
  3. Has never paid commissions to financial planners

With 15 Industry SuperFunds to choose from, there is an Industry SuperFund for every type of worker. In fact, more than 5 million workers already belong to a fund that carries the Industry SuperFund symbol.

Industry SuperFunds Lockup logo

The symbol is the marque of a super fund you can trust. Choosing a fund that carries this symbol could make a significant difference to your retirement because it represents funds that are run only to profit their members, which could mean more for you in retirement. So if you want a quality super fund that puts you first, all you have to do is look for this symbol.

Industry Super Australia.

Industry Super Australia (ISA) is an umbrella organisation for the Industry SuperFunds movement.

ISA manages collective projects on behalf of the 15 Industry SuperFunds. These projects include research, policy development, government relations and advocacy as well as the Industry SuperFunds joint marketing campaign.

ISA’s objective is to maximise the retirement savings of more than five million Industry SuperFund members through collective initiatives.

For more information and to visit the Industry Super Australia website, click here.