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Faces of super

Industry Super Australia (ISA) – as the voice of the 13 Industry SuperFunds carrying the trusted symbol – undertakes joint research and advocacy programs on behalf of our funds. Everything that we do assists them in maximising the retirement savings of our members. 

ISA’s most well-known collective program is the Industry SuperFunds marketing campaign, which provides Australians with information about the superior average performance of Industry SuperFunds.

But who are the people that drive the work of Industry Super Australia, our funds, and other allies in the profit-to-member super sector? What specialties do they bring to our work, and what makes them ‘tick’?

The “Faces of Super” gives you a unique insight into exactly those questions.

Take the time to get to know our people – and better-understand how they shape and strengthen the work that ISA undertakes for the benefit of nearly 5 million Australians who trust Industry SuperFunds to deliver them choice and control over their retirement outcomes.

Ariana Tammetta

Ariana works in ISA's modelling team. Drawing on her impressive academic qualifications (Bachelor of Economics with Honours from the University of Sydney, and a Master of Statistics and Operations Research from RMIT University), and prior professional experience as a researcher at an economic consultancy, she plays a leading role in crunching the numbers that underpin much of ISA's policy and advocacy work - delivering real value for our members.

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Ariana Tammetta

Ariana is passionate about super because of its profound impact on the lives of everyday Australians and the broader economy. Of the many reports she's co-authored, Ariana is proudest of ISA's report into unpaid super.

Check it out here: Super Scandalous: How to fix the $5 billion scourge of unpaid super

Says Ariana: "The report brought to light an issue faced by people who often have limited bargaining power, are fearful of speaking up and find it practically difficult to recover their unpaid super."

Ariana's next report is on childcare, looking at the relationship between childcare, workforce participation, and retirement outcomes: an important conversation given super is not yet paid on the Commonwealth's Parental Leave Pay scheme.