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The Places of Super

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While industry super funds (industry funds) exist to benefit members, investing in the best financial interests of members also supports the Australian economy.

How? Well, when key infrastructure and assets are owned by industry funds, the incentives are aligned to create jobs and strong returns to members while providing productive infrastructure for our economy.

Below, you can explore the Places of Super; assets and enterprises through which industry funds are delivering strong retirement outcomes for members while building a more dynamic and sustainable economy for the benefit of every Australian.

To learn more about how industry funds are supporting businesses, creating jobs, and providing macro-economic stability and support, check-out ISA’s full report here.

HESTA: Health Translation Hub

An asset that helps support Australia’s medical professionals both now and in retirement? Sounds like exactly what the Doctor ordered…

Learn more about HESTA:

HESTA: Health Translation Hub

HESTA has announced a co-investment opportunity to partner with property fund manager ISPT and UniSuper. It is part of the Plenary Health consortium’s partnership with UNSW Sydney to develop the $600m Health Translation Hub.

The Hub will be integral in establishing one of Australia’s preeminent health precincts. Set in the heart of Sydney’s Randwick Health & Innovation Precinct, the Hub is a 15-level health, education, and research facility. It’s supported by an initial 20-year commitment by UNSW to occupy 65% of the available space and is anchored by a $1.5 billion investment from the NSW government.

The Hub will focus on integrating health education, training, and research. Researchers, educators, and students will collaborate with clinicians and public health officials. With direct connections to the new Sydney Children’s Hospital Stage 1 and Minderoo Children’s Comprehensive Cancer Centre and to UNSW’s Kensington Campus, the Hub will be situated adjacent to the new Prince of Wales Hospital Acute Services Building, enabling seamless integration with UNSW and the four hospitals at Randwick.

As well as providing better health outcomes for the community, the Hub will target industry-leading sustainability objectives, including a 6-Star Green Star rating, net zero carbon emissions, full renewable energy, PV solar installation, and a 5.5 NABERS Energy rating.

For HESTA, the Hub offers stable long-term returns, investment diversification, and an enriched educational experience of healthcare professionals.


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Spirit Super: Flinders Port Holdings

Drop anchor and come aboard with Spirit Super's Flinders Port Holdings!

Learn more about Spirit Super:

Spirit Super: Flinders Port Holdings

Based in Port Adelaide, Flinders Holdings owns and operates Flinders Adelaide Container Terminal — the only container terminal facility in South Australia – as well as six key regional ports in Port Giles, Port Lincoln, Wallaroo, Port Pirie, Klein Point and Thevenard. 
More than 94% of South Australia’s international trade is ferried through its terminals on an annual basis – making it indispensable to a multitude of Australian businesses in sectors like agriculture, motor vehicles, commodities, and foodstuffs. 
The company has also helped buoy economic opportunities for locals – directly employing over 700 people and indirectly supporting 6,000 jobs throughout the state’s regional and rural areas.  
But as well as its critical contribution to the South Australian economy, Flinders Ports helps put the wind in the sails of many organisations which make a significant contribution to local communities - including the South Australian Maritime Museum and Indigenous youth employment programs, in partnership with the Clontarf Foundation.  
A high-performing asset helping to provide safe harbour for members’ retirement outcomes in stormy economic seas? We’re onboard with that!


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cbus: 435 Bourke Street

Power-up your day with Cbus Property's state-of-the-art design for 435 Bourke Street, Melbourne!

Learn more about cbus:

cbus: 435 Bourke Street

A 48-level, 60,000-square-metre commercial office space development, the project will be home to more than 5,500 city office workers and feature a sky garden, multiple open-air terraces and retail spaces to support Melbourne CBD’s resurgent retail shopping culture. The project is expected to create thousands of jobs during construction.

But the building’s real point of difference is its “solar skin”. Wrapping around its entire facade, 435 Bourke will be one of the world’s first office towers to feature this integrated solar panel technology. The solar skin will produce up to 20 per cent of the base building’s energy needs; generate approximately 320 megawatt hours (MWH) of electricity per year, which is the equivalent of powering 60 average homes in Australia; and help set a gold standard for the decarbonisation of major commercial precincts.
Research shows that solar and emerging technology, such as building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) technology, has huge potential for growth as a means of exploiting roofs and facades as a local and renewable energy source – aligning the project perfectly with Cbus’ priority of delivering strong and sustainable returns for members over the long-term horizon.

Sustainably powering local communities and businesses while helping to supercharge members' retirement outcomes? That’s a win-win!


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Hostplus: Gilmour Space Technologies

Helping Australia's sovereign space industry reach for the stars while potentially rocket-fuelling members' retirement outcomes? This one's a shooting star we'll happily wish upon!

Learn more about Hostplus:

Hostplus: Gilmour Space Technologies

Gilmour Space is an Australian launch services company developing new capabilities for launching small satellites to space.

Since its establishment in 2013, Gilmour has enjoyed a meteoric rise - becoming the leading provider of Australian-made launch vehicles and satellite platforms. 

Headquartered in Helensvale, Queensland, the team have created more than 100 regional job opportunities. They're also dedicated to Reconciliation - providing opportunities for and maintaining strong working relationships with the Juru; the traditional owners of the lands on which they work.

Right now, the team is hard at work developing 'Eris', an Australian-owned and made rocket that offers low-cost dedicated small satellite launches into low earth orbits. Eris is expected to launch from the new Bowen Orbital Spaceport on Abbot Point State Development Area in North Queensland.


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First Super: Nutra Organcis

An investment that helps Aussies “shred” while “bulking” members’ retirement outcomes and social impact projects? We’re hungry for more!

Learn more about First Super:

First Super: Nutra Organcis

Nutra provides deeply nourishing natural wholefoods for the entire family. Employing 45 people (largely in the regional community of Murwillumbah, NSW), the business has a growing national and international customer base. Its products are currently sold at 1,450 points of presence around Australia – both online and through bricks and mortar outlets!
As well as cultivating commercial success, Nutra Organics is dedicated to growing its social impact for the benefit of Aussies in need. Just recently, the team worked with OzHarvest to provide 30,000 meals for disadvantaged people, donated $30,000 to the Australian Bushfire Relief Services, and provided 50 fridges and grocery vouchers to victims of the Murwillumbah floods.

But there’s more good work being served up right now. In November, Nutra launched its i=change initiative. This sees $1 from every online order donated to the customer’s choice of three charities, namely Foodback, Women's Community Shelters, and Greening Australia.

An investment that helps Aussies “shred” while “bulking” members’ retirement outcomes and social impact projects? We’re hungry for more! 


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NGS Super: Sydney Desalination Plant

An asset that sustainably hydrates Sydneysiders while helping to produce a steady-stream of returns for members – it sounds like a mirage, but it’s not!

Learn more about NGS Super:

NGS Super: Sydney Desalination Plant

Come take a deep-dive into NGS Super's Sydney Desalination Plant (in partnership with Morrison & Co).

Construction of the facility began in 2007 at the height of the millennium drought. That year, dam levels plummeted to a low of 33%, and water security was top of mind for Sydneysiders.

Switched off between 2012 and 2019, the plant is now always on - allowing it to help reduce dam spill, slow dam depletion during droughts, and respond during outages and maintenance of the water supply system by supplying up to 30% of Sydney’s water needs.

As well its ability to supply large volumes of potable water in the short-term, the facility has already enhanced the long-term sustainability of its operations. An on-site, purpose-built windfarm offsets the plant’s energy usage, and one third of the site is a protected conservation area. 

But don’t just take our word for it; a study conducted by the University of New South Wales and researchers from the NSW State Government found that the plant’s operation has no significant impact on seawater quality or aquatic ecology.

An asset that sustainably hydrates Sydneysiders while helping to produce a steady-stream of returns for members – it sounds like a mirage, but it’s not!

Read more on NGS Super’s website here.


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legalsuper: Ausgrid & JOLT

A partnership that helps supercharge members’ retirement outcomes while connecting Australians to cleaner and reliable energy? Plug us in!

Learn more about legalsuper:

legalsuper: Ausgrid & JOLT

Explore a partnership that’s powering huge progress in Australia’s energy transition – legalsuper and Ausgrid (via the IFM Investors Australian Infrastructure Wholesale Fund).
The largest distributor of electricity on Australia’s east coast, Ausgrid provides power to over 4 million people in 1.8 million homes and businesses. Its network spans 22,275 square kilometres throughout Sydney, the Central Coast and the Hunter Valley.

Right now, it’s working on a range of initiatives to reduce its carbon emissions, including community batteries which allow customers to get more value from their solar investment without needing to maintain their own household battery. Allowing for more renewable energy in the system to reduce peak demand and prices, Ausgrid has proposed a trial in three locations across the network area.
But here’s something else that’s sparking huge excitement in the industry - Ausgrid has recently partnered with Sydney-based electric vehicle charging company, JOLT, to create a world-first, free, fast EV charging network across Sydney. Utilising Ausgrid’s existing street-side kiosks which are common in every suburb, the free charging service will reduce barriers to entry into the EV market and help accelerate the decarbonisation of transport.
A partnership that helps supercharge members’ retirement outcomes while connecting Australians to cleaner and reliable energy? Keep us plugged-in to your progress, team!