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The Gender Super Gap

How will the gender pay gap affect me in retirement?

For the last two decades, the gender pay gap has hovered between 15% and 19%. A lifetime of lower wages for women results in fewer and lower super contributions, plus they miss out on compounding returns.

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How the big banks could change the superannuation landscape

The Federal Government is proposing changes to the way super funds are run that could have a big impact on the industry. But will these changes benefit super funds owned by the big banks at the expense of the not-for-profit super industry – potentially leaving members worse off?

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Doing One Simple Thing Could Mean More Money In Retirement

It's time to take control of your super and boost your funds in retirement.

Of the 14.8 million Australians with a super fund account, approximately 40% have more than one super account. These Australians pay extra fees on multiple accounts and probably have a lot of trouble keeping track of their total superannuation.

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Where does my superannuation go when I start a new job?

You can take your superannuation account with you

When you start your new job, your employer should ask which super fund you’d like them to make your super contributions to. 

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Five super simple tips to save for the future

Don't plan on working forever?

One day, you’ll want to retire, which means it’s never too early to think about your superannuation. Thankfully, we’ve put together some simple ways to boost your super so you can have more money in the future.

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Self-employed Australians could be missing out by not paying super

Think of your super as your retirement plan

While it might not seem important now, you should know your options and why getting your superannuation in order is important for your future.

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Retirement expectations

What are your thoughts on retirement?

We invited people close to retirement and people in retirement to answer some questions about retirement. Here are their thoughts:

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