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Unpaid Super

Getting Worse While Nothing is Done.

Unpaid Super

Voice-over: One in three Australian workers are owed super.

Voice-over: Nearly $6 billion a year and growing.

Voice-over: If only our politicians changed the laws to make employers pay super at the same time as wages.

Voice-over: It’s time to get your hands back on your super. 

Voice-over: Authorised by B Dean, Industry Super Australia, Melbourne.

Approximate ISA estimates of workers eligible for superannuation guarantee based on 2015-16 ATO sample data.  For more details see

There’s an easy solution, but most politicians don’t want to know about it. 

By mandating the payment of super with the payment of wages, we can end the unpaid super epidemic.

Why The Law Needs to Change

Employers are only required to pay super quarterly – making it easier for amounts to fall through the cracks, allowing some employers to do the wrong thing.

While a super amount appears on your pay slip, this does not always mean super has been paid into your account.

Aligning the payment of super with wages will also make cash flow easier for small business.

Everybody wins.