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Enshrining super as a workplace right will help workers get their entitlements

  Published: 23 Jun 2023

The passing of a Bill that enshrines super as a workplace right will form a crucial plank of the federal government’s package of reforms that could drastically curb the about $5 billion a year unpaid super scourge.

The passing of the Protecting Worker Entitlements Bill inserts superannuation into the National Employment Standards, making it easier for workers to recover unpaid super.

Including super in the National Employment Standard (NES) gives workers, their unions and other third parties acting on their behalf legal standing to recoup unpaid super.

Unpaid super drains the savings of one in four workers – and it is young workers, those in blue collar jobs and lower-paid women who are bearing the brunt.  

*The above material, whilst correct at the time of publication may include references or statements which are no longer current.

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