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Report reveals: A quarter of all workers not paid $5 billion in super

  Published: 28 Oct 2021

More than a quarter of Australia’s workers have been ripped off $5 billion in super they’ve earned, while politicians refuse to fix the underpayments scandal.  

A new Industry Super Australia (ISA) report has found almost 3 million workers lose on average $1,700 in super each year. Those dudded on super can end up retiring with up to $60,000 less.

ISA’s analysis of tax data shows young workers and those on lower incomes are most likely to be underpaid their super, and underpayments are rampant in blue collar trades and hospitality.   

ISA’s report, Super Scandalous how to fix the $5 billion scourge of unpaid super found dodgy bosses have exploited lax enforcement and loose laws that allows them to only pay super quarterly into the workers’ fund, despite what it says on a payslip. 

The report’s key recommendation for fixing the unpaid super scourge is to mandate all employers pay super into a workers’ account when they pay wages.

Not paying super with wages makes it difficult for workers to keep track of their money and allows payments to fall through the crack.

*The above material, whilst correct at the time of publication may include references or statements which are no longer current.

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