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Super's becoming a BBQ stopper

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  Published: 29 May 2015

We spend a lot of effort encouraging people to think more about their super. It comes and goes. It gets a bit of steam up when a government talks about pushing the retirement age out. But then we’ve got to get the kids to swimming class and ring the TV antenna guy and the interest wanes.

Then, all of a sudden we’ve struck gold. Nowadays we can’t stop people talking about super. It’s because the banks started talking about it, and selling their own super funds big time. Nothing stops a BBQ better than a bank selling you things.

We’ve just finished developing a campaign that explores the motivations banks might have in selling you their super products. While putting the campaign together was fun, we all knew the serious things that are at stake for our members- their retirement nest eggs.

No one begrudges a bank for being profitable. But these days more and more of us are skeptical of where our interests sit in the pecking order when a bank is trying to sell you something. We know that banks pay their employees and financial advisers sales incentives to sell us products. And now they want to get a hold of our super. Sales incentives are the things that you can’t see, but know are there. They might be a tolerable fact of life when it comes to a home loan, but they shouldn’t be taken out of your super. Super’s different and people know it. We’re hearing more people say that they want their super to be in good hands- that’s with a fund run only to benefit them, without any sales incentives.

We hope the campaign reflects what we’ve been hearing and brings to life what many of you are feeling. We hope you enjoy it.

*The above material, whilst correct at the time of publication may include references or statements which are no longer current.

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