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Superannuation funds can be compared!

There are a number of ways to compare super funds and it can be a daunting process for most people, especially if you’re not sure what to look for. A good place to start though, is with our comparison tools.

The SUPERrater will show you how much better off you could have been with an Industry SuperFund over the past ten years, and the Fund Comparator allows to you review more in-depth information about different funds. But, if you’re still unsure about which fund is right for you, it’s best to get independent, unbiased guidance from a professional financial adviser.


Could you have been better off with an Industry SuperFund?

Just select an approximate salary and super balance to see how much better off you could have been with an average Industry SuperFund over the past ten years.

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Compare funds

Not sure which fund is for you?

The Fund Comparator can help you by allowing you to compare detailed information of Industry SuperFunds with retail super funds.

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Choose a fund

There’s an Industry SuperFund that’s right for you.

With 15 Industry SuperFunds in our group, there’s one to suit your needs. But no matter which one you choose, you can be sure that all of them are run only to benefit members like you, with no commissions, low fees, and a range of useful products and services.

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Industry or Retail fund

Industry or Retail (bank owned) super fund?

When choosing the right super fund for you, it’s important to know the difference between an Industry SuperFund and a retail (bank owned) super fund.

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