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Statement of support for an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice

Industry Super Australia manages collective programs on behalf of Industry SuperFunds that carry the famous symbol, with the objective of maximising the retirement savings of nearly 5 million members, including around 175,000 First Nations members.

Industry Super Australia supports recognition for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples through establishment of an Indigenous Voice to Parliament that is enshrined in the Constitution.

A Voice to Parliament will empower First Nations Australians, including Industry SuperFund members, to make a more direct and impactful contribution to policy issues affecting them, including superannuation policy.

Our support for the Voice aligns with our values and the principles of reconciliation. It is consistent with the work of ISA and our funds in reducing inequality and improving retirement outcomes for all members, including First Nations members.

Industry Super Australia acknowledges there will be a range of opinions among super fund members regarding a Voice to Parliament, and we support respectful and informed discussion of this important issue.