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"What is an industry super fund?"

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  1. A fund run only to benefit members 
  2. A fund with low fees
  3. Has never paid commissions to financial planners

With 8 Industry SuperFunds to choose from, there is an Industry SuperFund for every type of worker. In fact, nearly 5 million workers already belong to a fund that carries the Industry SuperFund symbol.

The symbol is the marque of a super fund you can trust. Choosing a fund that carries this symbol could make a significant difference to your retirement because it represents funds that are run only to profit their members, which could mean more for you in retirement. So if you want a quality super fund that puts you first, all you have to do is look for this symbol.

Industry Super Australia.

Industry Super Australia (ISA) was established in 2006 and manages collective programs on behalf of participating Industry SuperFunds, with the objective of maximising the retirement savings of nearly five million industry super members. ISA investors also participate in ISA's programs.

ISA’s joint marketing campaign provides information about superannuation and the benefits of membership of funds that carry the symbol. 

ISA has helped participating funds grow by retaining existing members and attracting new members in a competitive market. This growth is then passed back to members through lower fees and higher investment returns on average, compared to other funds on average.

Contributions made to subsidise ISA’s programs are determined after considering several factors, including funds under management and the number of accounts held by a fund. In 2023/24, ISA’s total revenue was approximately $18M. 

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