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Super contribution calculator

How best to add to my super?

Keen to add extra to your super? That’s always a great idea if you want to retire with more than just relying on your employer’s contributions alone.

But with before-tax, after-tax and a combination of these options possible, you might be wondering which payment is best for you.

Use our super contribution calculator to find out how, a few small payments now can make a huge difference to your retirement.

Contribution calculator

Tips on contributing

Here are a few handy tips that could allow you to make valuable contributions to your future income, without making big changes to your lifestyle right now.

  • Salary sacrificing is a popular option because your employer takes the money out before you receive your pay, so you don’t feel like you’re paying for something you can’t see.
  • Ask your employer to salary sacrifice your next pay increase to super.
  • Divert a windfall such as an inheritance, an end-of-year bonus, share dividends, or the proceeds of a sale into your super as a voluntary contribution.
  • Alternatively, you might prefer to use the inheritance now and do a larger salary sacrifice – the calculator can show you what could be better for you.

Spouse contribution

Here’s an alternative – try contributing to your partner’s account, see spouse contributions.