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Compare the Pair tool

Have you compared the pair?

Choosing an Industry SuperFund could make a big difference to your retirement. See the impact being with an Industry SuperFund could have compared with the average retail super fund over the past 5, 10 or 15 years.

How can super funds be compared?

When you're comparing super funds it's the net benefit that really matters. Net benefit is the investment returns delivered to you by your super fund minus fees and taxes. The leftover amount is your net benefit. Any comparison that looks at only investment returns or fees is not giving you the full picture.

Our Compare the Pair tool uses net benefit to compare Industry SuperFunds with retail super funds. Comparisons in the tool have been modelled using real historic returns by independent ratings agency, SuperRatings who specialises in analysing super funds, their investment returns, fees and the relative benefits they offer.

Compared the pair and want to know which funds are Industry SuperFunds?

You can find more information about all of the Industry SuperFunds here.

In the mood for more comparing?

A tool that you might find helpful is the Compare Funds tool. Ratings agency SuperRatings provides comparative data on various super funds including some detailed information on investment performance, fees and insurance.

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