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Age pension

Age pension rates

Each year, the Commonwealth Government reviews the fortnightly pension rates. 

See the current maximum fortnightly payment rates below:

IMPORTANT: For most people, the Age Pension alone is not enough to fund their retirement goals. This is why a healthy superannuation balance is so critical.

How much pension will I get?

Be sure to check the pension eligibility requirements, they have changed several times over the years. Consider combining the pension with your super to maximise your income in retirement. This combined approach can help make modest amounts of super last much longer than you might think.

How it works

The Age Pension is a Government allowance paid to eligible Australians who have reached retirement age. It is managed by Centrelink, a division of the Commonwealth Government’s Department of Human Services, and is commonly referred to as the old age pension.

The Age Pension is income and assets tested, which means the amount you are entitled to receive will depend on any other income you receive (from super, investments and paid work) and on the assets you own.

Do I qualify?

To receive the Age Pension, you must first satisfy the following eligibility requirements:


You must generally:

  • Be an Australian resident and be in Australia on the day you apply for an Age Pension
  • Have lived in Australia for over 10 years

There are some special exceptions for refugees, widows and former residents of countries that Australia has special social security agreements with.


The qualifying age for the Pension is currently 67 and has been gradually increasing as shown in the table below.

The current qualifying ages are:

If you were born between you qualify for Age Pension at age
1 July 1952 to 31 December 1953 65 years and 6 months
1 January 1954 to 30 June 1955 66 years
1 July 1955 to 31 December 1956 66 years and 6 months
From 1 January 1957 67 years

Assets and income tests

All Government pensions are income and assets tested which means they test -

a) How much you earn from other income streams – the income test


b) How much your assets are worth – the assets test

The test that results in the lower pension rate will be the one applied.

Income test

Income includes money from:

  • Employment
  • Superannuation pensions and/or annuities
  • Investments

It also includes money from outside Australia.

For every $ of income you earn above $180 per fortnight ($320 for a couple), your Pension payment will be reduced by 50 cents.

Note: The Government has proposed a change that would allow Age Pensioners to earn an additional $4000 this financial year without losing any of their pension.

Assets test

Centrelink will make a valuation of your Australian and foreign assets to work out how much of the Age Pension you can receive. The information is here. As with the income test, if your assets exceed a certain threshold, the amount of Pension you’re eligible for will decrease – potentially to zero.

And if I qualify?

If you pass the residency and age criteria, then Centrelink will work out how much Age Pension you are eligible to receive, depending on your income and assets and other circumstances.

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