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Retirement balance projection

Superannuation calculator Australia

Retirement balance projector
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Purpose and assumptions

This calculator generates information illustrating how early additional contributions to your superannuation could make a difference to your balance at retirement. This is based on certain assumptions.

The assumptions used in this calculator are, in our opinion, reasonable for the purposes of working out the estimates. The assumptions are based on objective evidence on long-term net returns, fees, relevant economic forecasts and analysis on wages, prices and productivity.


Your retirement outcome will be affected by many things including the amount of contributions you make, fees, investment returns and regulatory changes. Some factors that may affect your retirement outcomes may not have been taken into account.

Outcome is based on your contributions being made annually, at the mid-year point, on your fees being deducted annually and your investment returns being credited to your account annually.

With the exception of fixed statutory assumptions, you can alter default assumptions to the extent that they can be reasonably expected to change. It should be noted that any change to the assumptions will apply for the whole of the calculation period. Any changes made to the default assumptions is likely to impact the final results. Over time small changes can have a significant impact on final results.

While we have made every effort to ensure these assumptions are reasonable, you should review them to match their own expectations/circumstances and not take them as the most appropriate assumption in all cases.

This is a Model, not a Prediction

The tool is not intended to be relied upon for the purposes of making a financial decision. Consider a fund’s PDS and your objectives, financial situation and needs, which are not accounted for in this information before making an investment decision. You are responsible for your own investment decisions and should obtain specific, individual advice from a financial services licensee before making any financial decisions.


The "My Projection" outcome uses an actuary projection and the following assumptions, some of which you can change:

Investment returns

Fixed assumptions

This calculator works for accumulation funds only. It will not work for defined benefit funds.

This calculator does not allow self-employed people to project their retirement balance.

The outcome relies on the following fixed assumptions and settings which cannot be changed:

  • Outcome is based on your contributions being made annually, at the mid-year point, on your fees being deducted annually, insurance premiums being charged annually and your investment returns being credited to your account annually
  • We assume that your super is invested in a balanced option. Investment returns can be adjusted above.
  • Superannuation Guarantee Contribution is currently 10% of ordinary time earnings and then increases to 12% as per current legislation
  • The LISTO applies from 1 July 2017
  • Contribution tax of 15% is assumed
  • No contribution fee payable
  • No tax is payable on fees
  • We assume that insurance premiums are tax deductible within super
  • We assume that you have provided your Tax File Number to your superannuation fund
  • All amounts are in today’s dollars and are adjusted for an assumed annual inflation rate of 2%. In addition, a further annual increase of 1% is included to take into account the cost of meeting increases in community living standards. This means a total assumed inflation rate of 3% is allowed for. You can adjust that rate. Employer contributions increase with inflation.
  • We assume that you will satisfy the Work test at older ages and so are able to contribute
  • Life expectancy is based on The Australian Life Tables which are produced by the Australian Government Actuary
  • We assume that you qualify for the Government co-contributions if you make after tax contributions and the total income used to determine if you qualify for any co-contributions is equal to your annual salary before tax and are below the income limit
  • We assume that when you exceed the concessional contributions cap ($27,500 in 2021/22), you pay contributions tax according to your adjusted taxable income on any additional superannuation contributions

How much super will I have?

This calculator estimates what you’ll retire on when the time comes, and how much income you could receive. It also shows how adding even a small amount extra each year into your superannuation can make a huge difference to your retirement lifestyle down the track.

Not the super amount you were expecting?

Were you banking on having more in retirement than the projector has estimated? There are two excellent ways to boost your retirement and save on tax now:

a) Salary sacrifice

b) Pay super contributions direct

Both allow you to make your own contributions to your super account and generally take advantage of lower tax rates.

You can also make payments into your partner’s super account, so you’ve both got more to spend when you retire. 

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