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US and Global Stocks

Industry SuperFunds put international shares within easy reach

Investing directly into the US stock market can be complex. Firstly you need to find a stock broker who can access the relevant US stock exchange. Then you invest, it looks good, and next the US tax office sends you the W-8BEN form which you have to fill out or they’ll withhold tax! And that’s not just for Wall Street but for the NASDAQ and other American stock exchanges as well.

Then there are the other major global share markets to consider as well.

There is a better way than this…

So how do super funds make it easier?

Many Industry SuperFunds have investment options that include international shares and some have investment options that focus solely on global shares.

The big bonus is that if you invest in global shares through your super in the accumulation phase, you only pay up to 15% tax on capital gains, not your marginal tax rate – which could be up to 45%. The trade-off is you may need to leave the funds in super for many years. Check here to see when you can access your super.

Finally, to keep things simple, your fund completes the US tax forms on behalf of all its members as a group.

Can I just invest in Australian shares?

Many Industry SuperFunds have investment options that invest in Australian shares. It’s the easy way to keep your money invested in the local economy while still diversifying your asset allocation.

See how it works in this beginners guide.

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