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See how much better off the average Industry SuperFund member has been over the past ten years and the many other reasons why our 5 million members can feel pretty good about their super.

We're all in this together

If you’re with an Industry SuperFund you know you’re with a fund that’s working hard for you. 

Find out if you’re with an Industry SuperFund.

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Compare the Pair

Not all super funds are the same

Not all super funds are the same. Could you have been better off with an Industry SuperFund?

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Future Focus

Lleyton Hewitt talks about his future plans

Whatever stage of life you’re at, we’ve got the information you need to feel more confident about your financial future.

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Look for this symbol

There is an Industry SuperFund for everyone

With 16 Industry SuperFunds to choose from, there is an Industry SuperFund for every type of worker. In fact, more than 5 million workers already belong to a fund that carries the Industry SuperFunds symbol.

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In Their Boots

Sporting greats talk about retirement and super

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