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Helping make super decisions easier

Our online calculators will guide you through a simple step by step process to help you plan for your future.

Retirement needs calculator

How much super might you need in retirement? 

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Retirement balance projector

How much could your superannuation be worth when you retire? Find out super quick. 

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Compare funds

Perform a side by side comparison of an Industry SuperFund against a retail super fund.

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Compare the Pair tool

Could you have been better off with an Industry SuperFund?

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Tax refund calculator

Our quick and simple tax refund calculator is set up for the 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 tax years and can give you an estimate of what the ATO might return to you.

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Tax calculator

How much tax do you pay now and what could you save by salary sacrificing or claiming a deduction for a personal super contribution?

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Find extra money for super

If you believe you have no extra money to tip into your super, think again!

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When can I access my super?

See when you can start accessing your super and when you could set up an income stream. 

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Super contribution calculator

Employers – calculate how much superannuation you have to pay.

Members – see how the regular super contribution is calculated.


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Women Vs Men super comparison

Due to the gender pay gap and being more likely to have a career break to raise children, women contribute less to their super than men over their career. That means less money for retirement. See for yourself.

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TTR Calculator

Transition to Retirement plans can be complex. This calculator provides you with an initial indication of what you might be able to achieve using a few basic strategies.

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