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MySuper and your super fund

An initiative of the Federal Government, MySuper is a simple investment option offered by super funds across Australia. MySuper aims to provide a lower-cost, lower-risk balanced investment profile with a standardised reporting system. In practice MySuper has been implemented slightly differently by different super funds so it is worth comparing.

How does MySuper work?

When you join a super fund or you change jobs and don’t ask your employer to pay your super into your existing fund, your super payments usually get assigned to a MySuper investment option. Depending on the fund, your super investment can remain allocated the same way or the assets can change slightly as you get older – generally from growth to defensive.

The details of how your super fund manages its MySuper investments, its level of risk, and the history of investment returns can generally be accessed via the MySuper Dashboard on a super fund’s website. 

Does MySuper still offer insurance?

Yes. MySuper products also offer a standard, default level of life and TPD insurance. 

Can I move my money out of MySuper?


Only you know what your plans are for the future, and only you know the level of risk you’re willing to take in your super investments. That’s why it’s wise to take a look at the different investment options offered by your super fund.

The most common alternatives to MySuper are Growth, Balanced and Conservative investment options but many Industry SuperFunds also provide High Growth, Sustainable Investments, and other pre-mixed options including global stock markets and the Australian stock market depending on your own personal investment preferences.