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Your Salary Calculator

How much salary should I receive?

The salary calculator helps you work out how much net (or take-home) pay you should be getting each week, fortnight or month. The calculator takes into account:

  • The current tax rates in Australia based on your gross salary;
  • The super you are entitled to by your employer as your super guarantee;
  • The Low Income Tax Offset, which you receive after putting in your annual tax return.
Salary and super calculator

Loading libraries for most recent year

  • Data sources

    This calculator brings together publicly available Australian data and licenced data.

    • Tax withheld tables - ATO
    • Tax bracket tables - ATO
    • Medicare rates - ATO
    • Tax offset rates - ATO

Salary sacrifice and tax

Unlike most tax deductions – which you only claim after you submit your annual tax return – you can enjoy the tax benefits of salary sacrificing into super each pay day.

Check your payslip

  • Has your salary been paid in full?
  • Is your super appearing on your payslip?
  • Has the correct amount of super been paid into your super account? Even if it’s on your payslip, that doesn’t mean it’s in your account – log onto your account online and compare the amount paid with the amount on our super guarantee changes calculator.

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