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Understand super

Yes you can

Superannuation is something almost every working Australian will encounter at some point. And it’s pretty important too. But it can also be easy to get confused by all the jargon and technical talk. In reality though, it’s fairly straightforward, which is why we've broken everything down into plain everyday English.

Super basics

First steps in superannuation

There are many parts to Australia’s superannuation system, but with a basic understanding it all begins to make perfect sense. Even a simple overview of super can benefit you now and in retirement. 

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Find lost super

It’s easier than you think

If you’ve ever changed jobs or worked part time, chances are you have super sitting in accounts you don’t even know exist. It’s your money and it’s not hard to find.

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Super guarantee

Contributions at 9.5%

Almost all Australian employees are entitled to superannuation payments from their employers. But what are your rights and obligations – as employees or as employers?

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Tax and super

Tax benefits that can save you money

Superannuation is taxed differently from regular income, and this includes voluntary pre-tax payments you make into your own account. Are you making the most of the tax advantages?

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Self-managed super (SMSF)

Self Managed Super is one way of gaining more control over your superannuation investments. There are however certain expectations and strict rules about how you can invest your money. Find out if Self Managed Super is right for you.

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Changes to super

Superannuation 2017-18

Australia’s superannuation industry is dynamic and is often affected by changes in government policy as well as new guidelines proposed by regulating authorities and the superannuation industry itself. Visit these pages to find out what changes have been made or proposed.

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Money management

Simple ways to manage your money better and move yourself forward

Whether you’re young, thinking about retiring, or enjoying the life of leisure, it’s never too early or late to start making the most of your money.

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Insurance in super

You probably have some already

Buying life insurance, TPD insurance and income protection insurance through your super fund is often a lot cheaper than if you were to sign up as an individual.

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Women and superannuation

Inequality and disadvantage in retirement

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Salary sacrifice calculator

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