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Why choose an Industry SuperFund in retirement?

*Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Returns may fluctuate over time and can vary significantly from year to year.

Retirement stories

There are many examples of fellow retirees who are trying to make the most of their super in retirement.

You may find yourself in a similar position to one of these scenarios.


Lynn and Judy

Retired with $200,000 each in super

See how Lynn stuck with her Industry SuperFund in retirement and had $13,306 more in her account than her friend Judy who switched to a retail super fund.

Read Lynn and Judy's story



Retired with $300,000 in super

See how Nick stuck with his Industry SuperFund in retirement and was able to maximise his account balance while having flexibility and control over his money.

Read Nick's story

More information for your retirement journey

Transition to retirement

Easing gradually out of full-time work can be a good way to start preparing for your retirement.
How does TTR work?

Retirement income streams

It’s a regular tax-free income. It’s your money and you stay in control.
What is an income stream?

Age pension

A Government allowance paid to eligible Australians who have reached retirement age.
How much pension will I get?

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