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Superannuation strategy

Take control without an SMSF

If you’re looking to have more control over your super investments, without the potential expense or time commitment required by an SMSF, a low-fee Industry SuperFund account may be a better option for you. And if you’re already in an SMSF which is not performing as well as you’d hoped, or is causing you too many headaches, you may want to think about winding it up and rolling your super into a flexible Industry SuperFund.  

Taking control within an Industry SuperFund

Almost all Industry SuperFunds allow their members an incredible amount of control over how and where their money is invested.

Funds vary on the options they offer, but many allow members to choose directly from a range of Australian and international shares (including individual shares), indexed funds, commercial and industrial properties, fixed interest products such as bonds and cash – and in many cases include investments that aren’t readily available to SMSFs such as unlisted infrastructure.

As a member of an Industry SuperFund, you have control of the investment strategy for your super.

Super strategies – there are more

Industry SuperFund members can also choose pre-mixed, managed portfolios based on their risk appetite, investment goals, age, or even a desire to only invest in sustainable, ethical, and socially responsible companies.

At your fingertips

Once you have decided on an investment strategy, implementation can be as easy as logging into your account and heading to the Investments section.

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